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OEM Factory


Jason Branding is base on DeGuang Packaging in the industry providing innovative one- stop paper packaging services from R&D,

design, sourcing, manufacturing & logistics for globalbrands. Our factory occupies an area of 6000 square meters.

We specialize in high quality various paper products, including: gift boxes,cosmetic boxes,wine boxes,chocolate box,rigid boxes,collapsible box, color/

corrugated boxes,paperbags, hang tags.paper cards etc.We are constantly developing a wide range of new products and designs. As well our tailor-\

make items to suit customers' products and requirements. Our factory is equipped with 3 sets of Germany printing machines and other auto machines

which can handle a large quantity of productions at the same time and results in timely delivery.

We produce top quality products and offer reasonable price as well excellent service. Our promise to uS is supported by our experienced management

team,engineers and skilful workers. We are dedicated to professional and innovative packaging development, insist on developing design while offering

the most comprehensive products, believe in market research, and stringent quality control management team to satisfy the ever -changing needs of

our customers.